February 1, 2007 – ANN ARBOR, MI – 94West, LLC is proud to announce
the release of Valet, a powerful yet elegant application launcher for
Mac OS X 10.4. Valet records the applications that you use and
provides quick and easy access to them. Valet is the almost
zero-configuration application launcher you have been waiting for.

Valet watches as you launch applications, allowing you to categorize
them on the fly. The next time you need one of those applications,
use Valet to quickly launch it with the heads-up display or a menu
bar icon.

Valet allows you multiple methods to launch your applications:

-using voice commands in the Valet Heads-up Display

-using the keyboard and/or mouse in the Heads-ups Display

-using the Valet status menu on the global menu bar

-using the Valet Dock menu

Valet supports launching of Windows applications via Parallels
Desktop for Mac version 2.5. If Parallels is not running, Valet will
launch Parallels for you, using the virtual machine that hosted the
application you launched. See how this works in the QuickTime movie
at 94-west.com.

Valet also supports:

-Growl notifications

-automatic downloading and installation of updates with Sparkle

-Apple Help

Valet is available for sale at 94-west.com for $25 per license. A
fully functional demonstration can be downloaded at 94-west.com. The
demonstration versions are fully functional for 30 days.

Valet is available for download at http://94-west.com/DownloadData/Valet.dmg

Valet is a Universal Binary, providing support for Intel and PowerPC
based Macintosh computers and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or greater.

For sales questions please send email to sales@94-west.com. For
technical questions or support send email to support@94-west.com.

94West, LLC is a software company located near Ann Arbor, MI and is
also the creator of BuoyBuilder and Noto.