Jan 29, 2007 – Toronto (Ontario, Canada) – Agile Web Solutions Inc.
over the weekend announced a new version of 1Passwd — the most
popular password manager and automatic form filler for Mac OS X. The
2.3 release brings a beautiful new interface and new features such as
folders and 1Click bookmarks. It is a free upgrade to all registered
1Passwd users.

What is 1Passwd?

* The most widely used password manager for Mac (according to
MacUpdate, VersionTracker and iUseThis websites).

* The only password manager with integrated anti-phishing technology.

* Automatic form filler with support for multiple identities.

New Interface

Even the most demanding Mac aficionado will find the new 1Passwd
enjoyable to look at. The new version changed the entire design to
use a unified look-and-feel with much less spacing and color


Folders allow easy categorization of web forms and secure notes.

1Click Login Bookmarks

Needing to remember a website URL can be just as demanding as
remembering your user id and password; especially when switching
browsers. 1Click bookmarks solve this problem, they allow you to open
a web page, fill the form, and optionally submit the form, all with a
single click or keyboard combination.

A detailed description of the new features and screenshots are
available at: http://switchersblog.com/articles/2007/01/25/

1Passwd requires Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and is available for download
from http://1passwd.com

Free version of 1Passwd avalable; it is limited to 1 Identity and 12
Web Forms. Full unlimited 1Passwd version is sold for $29.95 USD.