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Atlanta, GA – January 25, 2007 – March to Success with Cocoa
Bootcamp, March 12-16, 2007

Big Nerd Ranch, Inc., the premier provider of intensive training for
open source programmers and system administrators, announced today a
second winter offering of its popular Cocoa Bootcamp for March 12-16,
2007. The February class sold out quickly to developers anxious to
add Cocoa programming to their repertoire, spurring the addition of a
new class to the schedule to accommodate the demand.

Big Nerd Ranch founder Aaron Hillegass credits part of this explosive
demand for Cocoa training to Apple’s recent announcements at MacWorld
of a dramatic increase in market share. “As Apple’s market share
continues to increase, the demand for Cocoa programming skills is
growing,” Aaron said in response to the announcement. “To accommodate
this demand, we are adding another opportunity for programmers to get
into our Cocoa Bootcamp.”

The five-day, intensive class provides the most comprehensive
training available for Cocoa developers. The class covers a spectrum
of topics, from lessons building on Cocoa fundamentals to more
advanced topics that create a well-rounded Cocoa programmer. While no
previous experience in Cocoa is required, the class assumes that the
student is familiar with some type of object-oriented programming
like Java, C++ or Objective-C. The class is taught on Mac OS X 10.4
and Xcode 2.4 with extensive attention given to Core Data.

Students emerging from the class will be able to:

* Write complex applications for Mac OS X

* Demonstrate fluency in Objective-C

* Demonstrate aptitude in Interface Builder and Xcode

* Find and understand the online dictionary

* Demonstrate experience with the most common classes in the frameworks

* Understand the design patterns used in Cocoa

* Recognize several common idioms in the Cocoa community

Aaron Hillegass has honed his skills as a software engineer,
developer, trainer and author over the past eighteen years. His work
with Apple Computer, Inc. and NeXT Software Inc. as senior trainer
and curriculum developer imbued him with the skills needed to launch
the Big Nerd Ranch, Inc. and to develop his consulting work for
companies as diverse as Cogent Design, Nortel Networks and United
Parcel Service. He has translated his knowledge into the book that
has become the standard-bearer for Cocoa developers, “Cocoa
Programming for Mac OS X,” which also serves as the course textbook.

To view the complete syllabus and class description, please visit

The Big Nerd Ranch incorporates intensive training classes for Unix
and Mac OS X programmers in a retreat setting outside Atlanta, GA.
Class price of $3500 includes lodging, all meals, original
instruction materials, 24-hour lab access, and transportation to and
from the Atlanta airport. Students are encouraged to bring
independent projects to class, allowing for input from classmates and
individual instructor attention. For more information, call
678-595-6773 or visit