— Patented Data Replication Technology for FileMaker Developers Is Now
the First and Only Tool to Facilitate Intelligent Inclusion of SQL
Data Sources with FileMaker-based Solutions —

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 9, 2007 — Macworld Conference and
Expo 2007, Booth #1236 — WorldSync, Inc., leading provider of tools
for synchronization with FileMaker Pro databases, today announced the
release and immediate availability of SyncDeK 7.0. Now for the first
time, FileMaker solutions using SyncDeK can synchronize with SQL
accessible data sources.

In another first, remote administration of SyncDeK is now possible
using a web browser, and FileMaker developers using FileMaker Pro 8.5
Advanced can utilize the Web Viewer feature in FileMaker 8.5 to
configure and control SyncDeK all from within their database
solutions. SyncDeK 7 is available today, directly from

“The combined abilities in SyncDeK 7 for incorporating SQL data
sources and for leveraging the powerful Web Viewer feature in
FileMaker 8.5 provide FileMaker developers with some stunning
technological advances,” said Jason Erickson, president and CEO of
WorldSync, Inc. “Recently granted a patent, SyncDeK provides
bi-directional, asynchronous data replication for the rest of us. Up
until now, ‘the rest of us’ included FileMaker developers working
with FileMaker-based data sources, but with SyncDeK 7 FileMaker
developers can now also involve SQL data sources.”

“Our staff work in the field and synchronization with our SQL backend
is very important, so, keeping our Oracle databases in sync with our
FileMaker 8.5 databases is a real lifesaver,” explained Mark Stuller,
IT specialist for Information Systems, Oregon Dept. of Agriculture.
“WorldSync has a real winner here, especially for the enterprise
where SQL backends dominate. SyncDeK 7 was easy to setup with ongoing
low administrative overhead providing a key metric for success.”

SyncDeK provides the technology to deliver solutions that distribute
data to mobile workers, remote users, multiple sites, and customers
and prospects all over the globe. SyncDeK revolutionizes data
synchronization and replication with cost-effective, powerful
technology that is elegantly simple for users, and flexible for
developers, now utilizing any combination of FileMaker and SQL data

Expand Your World, Blow Their Mind
SyncDeK 7 now provides support for data synchronization between
FileMaker Pro databases and SQL data sources, such as MS SQL, Oracle,
Access and MySQL. The SQL support in SyncDeK 7 works with any
combination of data sources and is not limited to those options that
are pre-configured in SyncDeK Developer but can also include other
JDBC/ODBC-accessible data sources.

For developers using the latest FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced and
FileMaker Server 8.5 Advanced, new, included SyncDeK 7 Web Viewer
objects can replace the SyncDeK Developer tool and allows for
web-based administration. For other developers, the new SyncDeK 7
Developer tool represents a total user interface overhaul with a new
project-style approach. The new SyncDeK Developer interface design
facilitates rapid, direct access to SyncDeK’s power and easier
configuration management of any data sharing community. For all
developers, performance is noticeably faster during ‘subscribe’
operations. SyncDeK 7 also now provides automatic deployment of
SyncDeK updates so end-user nodes always use the latest maintenance

Compatibility, Availability and Pricing
SyncDeK 7 is compatible with FileMaker 6, FileMaker 7, FileMaker 8
and FileMaker 8.5 on Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows 2000. SyncDeK 7
modules include: SyncDeK Single-user Engine, SyncDeK Network Engine,
SyncDeK SQL Engine, SyncDeK Server and SyncDeK Developer.

SyncDeK 7 is available starting today. Combinations of SyncDeK
engines are included in five available “starter kits” which are value
priced starting from US$1999. For deployment, a SyncDeK Single-user
Engine is priced at US$249, and a SyncDeK Network Engine is priced at
US$999. The new SyncDeK SQL Engine is priced at US$1999 for direct,
encrypted synchronization of SQL-based data with distributed
FileMaker users and servers.

The SyncDeK Developer tool is priced at US$499 for configuring,
testing and deploying sharing communities. SyncDeK Developer Alliance
Members can generate an unlimited quantity of test-engine keys.
Upgrade pricing from previous versions of SyncDeK is available.

SyncDeK Engines, SyncDeK Server and SyncDeK Developer are sold and
supported directly by WorldSync, Inc. at (
Fully functional evaluation packages are also available upon request
from the Web site.

About WorldSync, Inc.
WorldSync, Inc. develops SyncDeK, the award-winning tool for
distributing data among FileMaker Pro applications any time,
anywhere. SyncDeK offers data replication for the rest of us,
empowering today’s mobile workgroups and collaborative communities
with simple, powerful and trustworthy technology. WorldSync, Inc. is
a privately held company, headquartered in Berkeley, Calif. Further
information about WorldSync, Inc. and SyncDeK can be found at