Ovolab today announced Geophoto, a new product for browsing and sharing digital photos. Geophoto displays pictures on the Earth, in the location where the photo was taken. The user can rotate, zoom and fly through the photos, on top of a photorealistic three-dimensional Earth. Users can easily drag their pictures to a specific location on the globe in order to “geotag” it, i.e. to add location information to the image file. Once geotagged, a picture can be shared with other users, and it will automatically appear in the correct location on the Earth when opened in Geophoto. It provides integration with iPhoto and can also browse photos on Flickr, as well as subscribe to iPhoto Photocasts. Geophoto will be released in the second half of February 2007, and is available for preorder at the introductory price of US$39.95 (suggested retail price after its release: $49.95).