Ease of use, originality and low price make PulpMotion a newcomer to watch.

Montpellier, France – December 14, 2006 – PulpMotion, a new Mac OS X
application from Aquafadas, the award-winning digital video software
provider, gives users a simple yet powerful new option for designing
and sharing striking media montages that integrate personal photos,
videos and music.

By simply dragging and dropping their favorite photos, movie clips
and music into a visual “theme” or full-motion background template
provided by PulpMotion, users can create a whole new way to display-
and share- digital media. PulpMotion offers a robust menu of visually
arresting themes which range from business-like to esoteric to
comical, all of which can be integrated into moving displays, such
as, for example, a fake newscast. These displays can then be emailed
through an interactive postcard, loaded onto an iPod, used as a
personalized screensaver, exported as high quality QuickTime movies,
or published to a website using iWeb.

But what is really different about PulpMotion that it takes
interactivity to a new level, as yet unavailable in iLife. PulpMotion
lets the user stop in front of a video and watch it in full while
listening to its soundtrack, then continue when he is ready. Even
better, users can surprise their friends by adding the recipient’s
video image, live, into any composition using the Mac’s built-in
iSight camera. The program’s simplicity makes it that much easier to
have fun, be creative and share a wide variety of media. Two videos
are available to discover what PulpMotion is all about:

Building a creative community
The company is calling on users to share their compositions using
PulpMotion themes on the product gallery
(, a place where people can
show their creativity and allow others to be inspired.

Pricing and availability
PulpMotion is available immediately for download from the Aquafadas
web site, The launch price of $25.00
applies to a single user license.

For more information on PulpMotion, please contact or visit or

About Aquafadas
Founded in 2004, Aquafadas develops high quality software solutions
for the digital video community. Products include iDive, the digital
video shoebox which provides cataloguing solutions for both
professional and home creators of digital video, and PulpMotion. In
September 2006, PulpMotion was the recipient of the Macgeneration
Trophy for the Best shareware at Apple Expo 2006, in Paris.