Groupcal 3 – the program that lets you use your Microsoft Exchange
calendar from iCal has acquired new features

2006-Nov-21 : Snerdware announces an update to Groupcal 3, the
popular program that lets you access and manage your Microsoft
Exchange calendars from Apple’s iCal:

– synchronize your events and tasks

– book people or resources for meetings

– view Free/Busy time … and more

– all without installing software on your Exchange server

Version 3.70 adds the following:

– fix for a problem where renaming/deleting iCal calendars could
cause “orphaned” Exchange items that would no longer sync to iCal

– fix for a problem where a date deleted from a task in iCal could
re-appear after successive syncs

– fix for a problem where events with invitations could move do a
different iCal calendar

– detection/warning about missing Exchange email addresses required
in the user’s Address Book “My Card”

– problem fixes and updating of the AppleScript support

– multiple user interface improvements

– additional logging capabilities for troubleshooting support

Groupcal 3 can be downloaded via and requires Mac OS X
10.4 or newer. Groupcal operates in trial mode until licensed –
$54.95 USD (volume, institutional and Groupcal 2 upgrade pricing

Snerdware LLC