Sorenson Media today announced the availability of Sorenson Squeeze 4.5. With Sorenson Squeeze applications, users can easily compress and share videos on CDs, DVDs or over the Web by importing digitized video files, reference movies, or digital camera output and publishing it in any of the leading video production application formats or digital distribution options. Version 4.5 contains new features that boost compression and preprocessing speeds, integrate Apple’s H.264 for output to MP4 or QuickTime, contain new 3GPP and PSP presets for cell phones and Sony’s PSP (Playstation Portable), and new presets for Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Along with providing compression rates two to three times faster than previous versions, scaling up or down between SD and HD is now twice as fast in Sorenson Squeeze 4.5. Sorenson Squeeze 4.5 will be available December 6, 2006, with pricing starting at US$499.