Luxembourg – November 12, 2006 – Houdah Software=20
s. =E0 r. l. is excited to announce a major update=20
to its flagship product: HoudahSpot 1.3.


Your files at your fingertips. HoudahSpot is the=20
frontend most Spotlight users don’t know they’re=20
missing HoudahSpot is a file search tool based on=20
Apple’s Spotlight technology. It enables users to=20
quickly create and store powerful search queries.=20
HoudahSpot has been designed from the ground up=20
with ease of use and convenience in mind. We feel=20
it is not the user who needs to be educated, but=20
the software that should be made to the user’s=20

What’s new:

* Customizable Result List Columns
This was the top most requested feature! Now you=20
my decide for yourself which columns you want to=20
see in your result list: file name, size,=20
modification date, path,… Your choice is saved=20
into your HoudahSpot search document or template.

* Default Template
Here comes complete customization: a new document=20
may now be derived from a template of your=20
choice. The choice of criteria, locations, result=20
list columns,… is all yours now.

* Improved Wording
AND, OR and NOT operators are now referred to in=20
more mundane terms. E.g. “ALL of the following=20
are true”. Boolean logic is no longer reserved to=20

* Refined Looks
HoudahSpot wants to impress you with some fine=20
tuning to its appearance. There is even a=20
CoreImage transition effect!

* Persistent Window Size
Another request we heard often. Window postion and size are now persistent.

* All New Help
Pristine Apple Help in English, German and French.

* Automatic Updates
HoudahSpot may automatically check for and install updates. Keep up to date!

* German Localization
HoudahSpot spricht Deutsch!

HoudahSpot is a Universal Binary application. It=20
requires a Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.4.8 or=20
later with Spotlight enabled.

A full-featured demo version is available for=20
download at

About Houdah Software s. =E0 r. l.

Houdah Software s.=E0 r.l is a small company based=20
in Luxembourg (Europe). The company was founded=20
in late 2005 by Pierre Bernard.