ROCHESTER, NY – Twisted Ninja Software today introduced Tubular, a
YouTube client for Mac OS X, and announced that it would be available
for preorder. Designed to be a fun and easy-to-use app, Tubular is a
gorgeous, fast, and entertaining way to access videos on YouTube.

The preorder was launched for $12.99 and will run through until
Tubular is released. The application will launch sometime before the
end of 2006, where it will be available for a higher price.

Tubular has many exciting features that improve the YouTube
experience. Users can browse for, search for, and watch videos
directly within the app. With one button click, users can convert any
video they want to a fifth-generation iPod. They can also copy a URL for any video, which can be sent to friends easily.

Twisted Ninja Software made their public shareware debut in 2006 with
Tubular, but they have been involved in other projects since 2004.
From the popular Nine Figures to the niche SnapShooter, Twisted Ninja
Software has exclusively written fun and useful utility apps for Mac
that fill a unique niche.

More information can be found on the Tubular prerelease website
located at (

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