Offenburg, Germany – November 04, 2006 – E.R.S=20
“Pleasant software for the people” accepts=20
pre-orders for =DCbercaster.

E.R.S “Pleasant software for the people”=20
announces the final retail price of =DCbercaster.=20
The complete podcast production suite for the Mac=20
will be priced at $79.95 (US).

Until the end of =DCbercaster’s beta phase, users=20
get the chance to pre-order a license key for=20
only $69 which is more than $10 (15%) off the=20
regular retail price.

=DCbercaster’s pre-order phase will start today and=20
ends with the introduction of =DCbercaster’s final=20
release. Podcasters are still invited to join the=20
free beta test.

Ordered license keys will be sent immediately.

Benefits of the purchased license key are:

– No expiration of the program.

– Free updates including v1.x

– Upload feature unlocked (disabled in the free beta).

Users can automatically upload shows during the=20
release process. Several network protocols are=20
supported: in addition to FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and=20
=2EMac, =DCbercaster also supports native upload to=20
XML-RPC services like, including the=20
automatic creation of blog entries.

=DCbercaster is a complete production suite for=20
podcasting on the Macintosh. Garageband is for=20
musicians, =DCbercaster for podcasters. Producing a=20
show on a Mac can be as easy as everything else.=20
Say goodbye to the laborious combination of=20
programs. =DCbercaster lets podcasters prepare,=20
record, cut and release their shows the way=20
they’d expect it.

With its podcasting specific features, its=20
intuitive workflow and its =FCber-appealing design=20
=DCbercaster defines a new standard for integrated=20
podcast production:

– Define multiple microphones and special input=20
panels for iChat, Skype and Gizmo recording.

– Import and play soundclips, pre-recorded=20
material and sound effects in several audio=20

– Optional “Stealth mode” enables you to start=20
and stop audio clips or change volumes without=20
clicking the mouse.

– Edit your show in a full featured and easy to=20
use multi track editing environment.

– Encode podcasts as MP3, (enhanced) AAC or AIFF in one mouse click.

– Export and upload shows to a web server in one step.

Those features (and much more) are bundled in an=20
easy to use yet powerfull user interface.=20
Therefore =DCbercaster is suitable for both,=20
newbies and advanced podcasters.

=46or more information, screenshots and movies=20
visit =DCbercaster’s completely redesigned homepage=20
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=DCbercaster at=20

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