(Portland, OR) – November 2, 2006 Consumers whose Macs shipped
without Apple’s not-for-sale Photo Booth software can now enjoy for
free the same effects with Freak Show. Paying Freak Show’s $12.95
registration fee unlocks features beyond Photo Booth such as:

nine additional effects,

the option to save QuickTime movies,

and the ability to enjoy the effects full screen.

Although Freak Show looks and acts like Photo Booth it is a bit
different under the hood — unlike Photo Booth, Freak Show does not
require Quartz Extreme or any particular video card — it can run on
any Mac that can run Tiger. Furthermore, Freak Show’s effect engine
can access video frames from the immediate past, thus making possible
the time-based effects in Freak Show’s Extreme tab.

Freak Show requires Mac OS 10.4


Gregory Cosmo Haun, the developer of Freak Show, said, “I was given
an iSight for Christmas and wanted to find things to do with it
beyond video conferencing. I had worked with video art in college and
was a fan of Nam June Paik and others and I felt the medium had
potential. I played with video effects using processing.org software
and was impressed with what people were doing with it, but then
discovered Apple’s Core Image API and there was no looking back. I
learned Cocoa just to exploit Core Image for these effects. I began
the project working on fairly complex effects, but when I saw how
much kids (and adults) enjoyed Photo Booth’s relatively simple
effects, I decided to incorporate something similar.”


Freak Show Product Page

Freak Show Download (4.5M)

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