Zurich, October 30, 2006 — QuantumSoft (http://www.quansoft.com/)
today released the first beta version of pro Fit 6.1 for Mac OS X,
the next iteration of its popular tool for the analysis of scientific
data and mathematical functions.

pro Fit 6.1 ist the first “universal binary” version of pro Fit that
runs natively on both intel and PowerPC. It also comes with a large
list of new features. Highlights include built-in multidimensional
fitting capabilities, new inspectors for function and statistical
analysis, revamped drawing rendering with improved Quartz and PDF
support, new Menu layout with standardized keyboard shortcuts.

This beta release is semi-public and reserved to current pro Fit 6.0 users.

Everybody who bought pro Fit 6.0 since January 1, 2006 will be
entitled to a free upgrade to pro Fit 6.1. All other users of pro Fit
6.0 will be entitled to a reduced upgrade fee.

pro Fit 6.1B1 can be downloaded immediately from

About pro Fit

pro Fit is a powerful tool for the analysis, processing, plotting and
evaluation of numerical data and mathematical functions on Mac OS X.
It provides

– Several curve fitting and data analysis tools,

– Spreadsheet-based data editing,

– A drawing editor to complete and annotate data and function plots,

– Extensive programmability via a simple Pascal-based language or Applescript,

– Programmability for automating tasks, custom functions, and drawing,

– Export of animations and 3D models as QuickTime movies,

– Export of plots and drawings in several formats (pdf, eps, gif, tiff…).

– Extensive metadata support for easy categorization and searching of
pro Fit files.

QuantumSoft (http://www.quansoft.com/) was founded in 1990 by
physicists endeavoring to provide scientific solutions for the
real-world needs of the scientific and engineering community. All
developers at QuantumSoft hold a Ph.D. in physics and work in close
collaboration with top research scientists to fine tune pro Fit for
the real needs of real users.

For more information, see http://www.quansoft.com/