New Ebooks Help Readers Purchase Macs and Digital Cameras

Ithaca, NY USA (October 26, 2006) — With the holiday season fast
approaching, it’s time to start researching larger purchases such as
a digital camera or a Macintosh computer. A pair of new Take Control
ebooks – the 107-page “Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera” and
the 91-page “Take Control of Buying a Mac” – provide up-to-date
advice for anyone bewildered by the many choices and options
currently available.

“Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera,” now in its third edition,
helps readers sort out the latest camera trends and marketing jargon
in order to find a camera that matches their budget, needs, and
style, whether they want an inexpensive snapshot camera or a
professional digital SLR camera system. Written by professional
photographer and instructor Larry Chen, the book includes a
printable, customizable shopping checklist, specific model
suggestions for different types of cameras, 25 color photos
illustrating important concepts, and tips for taking better photos.

Adam C. Engst’s “Take Control of Buying a Mac” helps readers decide
which Mac is right for their needs and provides carefully researched
advice about exactly when to buy, based on historical trends. The
ebook, now in its second edition, has been thoroughly updated to
cover Apple’s new Intel-based Macs and current product line. Also new
is a detailed section that explains how to transfer user data –
documents, applications, and settings – from an old Mac to a new Mac.

For review copies, interview requests with either of these authors,
or excerpts to publish; just drop us a line!

Book Details:

“Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera” by Laurence Chen
PDF format, 107 pages, free 27-page sample available
Publication date: October 25, 2006
Price: $10

“Take Control of Buying a Mac” by Adam C.Engst
PDF format, 91 pages, free 23-page sample available
Publication date: October 25, 2006
Price: $10

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