Late yesterday, Apple launched its new .Mac webmail user interface. The company notes: “It’s got a whole new look, amazing updated features, and best of all, it’s available today. With its smart use of the latest web technology, the new .Mac webmail will remind you of the Mail application on your desktop.  You’ll find: Drag-and-drop functionality; a message pane; Quick Reply; Address Book integration; message previews; message flagging; and keyboard shortcuts. And don’t forget, unlike most webmail services, .Mac webmail uses IMAP. So you can rest easy knowing that your .Mac mail will be just as you left it, no matter where you log on next. To get the most out of the new .Mac webmail, make sure you’re using the recommended version of Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer (for more details, see our list of supported browsers). Then just sign in and get started!”