WatchMouse releases 2.0 widget for dashboard, aimed at Internet site
performance monitoring.

NETHERLANDS, 2006-10-23. By means of the widget Apple users can get
direct insight into the performance of their own Internet site. The
widget can be downloaded for free from the Apple website.

In 2002, WatchMouse ( introduced a new
concept for Internet site monitoring. By means of ongoing simulation
of Internet visitors the performance of sites and servers is
verified. If a site is not responding, an alert message is sent
immediately through SMS, pager, Instant Messenger or e-mail. The
sites are checked from over twenty monitoring stations worldwide.
This is done 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The service is
completely web based: customers don’t have to install software,
everything is 100% self-service, which keeps the costs low.

The three founders of WatchMouse, Niels Eijsbroek, Stan van de Burgt
and Mark Pors are enormous Mac-fans with a total of twenty Macs in
their possession. The monitoring widget is quite unique: it is a
combination of a desktop and a hosted application. When the widgets
detects a problem with the site it is checking, it alerts the user
with a ‘beep’, followed by the launch of a web browser, which is
directed to a web application on There the site is
checked from over 20 different locations worldwide.

Worldwide monitoring

The new version (2.0.4) brings continuous performance monitoring,
even when the Mac is not connected to the Internet, by connecting the
widget to a WatchMouse account (free or paid). In October 2005,
WatchMouse released the first version of this widget, which was
downloaded over 10,000 times.

WatchMouse has made the widget available free of charge “because we
have become addicted to it, ever since we started using the first
beta version of the widget”, says creative director Niels Eijsbroek.
“We give the widget away for free mainly for the fun part. And of
course it’s also important to bring site performance monitoring to
the attention of our fellow Apple-users.”

The free WatchMouse site monitoring widget can be downloaded from the
Apple website:

About WatchMouse

Companies can easily monitor their own Internet sites using
WatchMouse’s monitoring service. WatchMouse has been monitoring
Internet sites and e-commerce applications for companies throughout
the world since 2002. WatchMouse has thousands of customers in more
than 70 countries. The services supplied by WatchMouse are available
in nine languages, and analysis are performed from various locations
and over numerous networks, using a world-wide monitoring network.

In 2005, WatchMouse was voted a Deloitte Rising Star in the
Netherlands, as part of the Fast 50 awards; the list of the 50
fastest growing technology companies.

Further information can be found at: (