Planeshift Software Releases iThemeOS 2

Planeshift Software is excited to release iThemeOS 2. This new
release marks a significant milestone in iThemeOS’ development and
includes several great new features. We have added a Custom Icon
Setter to iThemeOS that allows you to set a custom icon for virtually
any file on your Mac! Additionally, iThemeOS 2 now supports icon
folders as well as icon cloning. Using icon cloning, you can use
almost any file or folder as a source icon for the file or folder
that you want to set.

iThemeOS 2 is a full featured application designed to let you change
either your “work” or “play” environment to be more like you. Modify
dock icons including Trash, Finder, and Dashboard. Modify the boot
panel and login screen background image. Change all of the storage
volume icons (hard drives and all optical disk types). Change a full
suite of system folder icons, network icons, and more! iThemeOS 2
allows you to make your own icons using our built-in image converter
or choose almost any file as an icon source and iThemeOS 2 will
convert it to a .icns file and store it in the new iThemeOS
Repository. Save and re-load your icon packs so you can share them
with friends and family.

About Planeshift Software:

Planeshift Software really is a different kind of software company.
We are dedicated to bringing software to you, our customers, that is
intuitive to use and defect free. At Planeshift Software, we realize
that our customers have a choice and that choice is a good thing. As
such, we always want to be the better choice. In addition to
providing high quality software, Planeshift Software is dedicated to
developing software that people actually want to use.