The Cult of Mac” by Wired News managing editor Leander Kahney is now being published as a paperback. The book, a celebration of Mac users’ loyalty and obsession, has sold 20,000 copies since its hardcover release in November 2005 and has received glowing reviews for its beautiful design and layout as well as its entertaining content, notes the release. The paperback edition has also been updated with new material about the iPod’s genesis and incredible market domination. “The Cult of Mac explores the lengths to which people will go to personalize their hardware and adopt a Mac-centric lifestyle, as documented in 280 full-color pages and more than 500 original photos. It’s full of people doing innovative, bizarre and artistic things with their computers, such as one user who makes furniture out of cardboard Mac boxes and many who express their love with tattoos, as well as interesting tidbits and trivia about the company, its history and its personalities.”