October 05, 2006 – BrikSoftware today announced the immediate
availability of CuteClips 2, a major re-write of the excellent
multiple clipboard manager for Mac OS X. Building on CuteClips
innovations, version 2 is a universal binary optimized to take
advantage of the power of Intel-based Macs with tons of new features
that deliver improvements throughout the entire application. Simple,
elegant, and fully functional, this latest CuteClips release sets a
new standard for multiple clipboard innovation.

With CuteClips you don’t have to worry about searching for old
content you copied just a minute ago, just because you also copied
something else just some seconds ago. CuteClips keeps track of up to
12 elements you recently copied and you can easily access it by just
pressing the shift-cmd-v. You can then select from a nice list (with
full previews) which item you would like to paste. There are no
complicated keyboard shortcuts to memorize or fiddle with. CuteClips
was designed to just fit in perfectly discreetly into the everyday
workflow of all Mac OS X users.

A number of key new features and improvements in this release make
this the best time yet for users to enhance productivity and upgrade
to CuteClips 2.

New features in CuteClips 2 include:

* a new simple and elegant interface,

* a re-engineered ‘universal’ engine optimized for best performance,

* built-in search functionality,

* an updated and more informative preview of everything copied,

* added integration with TypeIt4me,

* a new status item icon,

* changed order of clips (top-down instead of bottom-up),

* complete drag and drop support,

* tons of internal tweaks,

* and much more!

CuteClips is available immediately through the new BrikSoftware
website. A FREE trial is available. You may download the latest
version directly from here:


More information is readily found throughout our website. A good
starting place is here:



* Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher.

Pre-registered CuteClips users can upgrade to CC2 for free.

Pricing is as follows:

* $15 : 1 User license.

* $25 : 2 User license. (Save $5)

* $50 : 5 user license (Save $25)

Simply visit our Kagi store:


All CuteClips 2.x updates are free to registered CuteClips 2.x users.

Thank you for supporting CuteClips development and for not
encouraging software piracy.

BrikSoftware develops applications and utilities for Mac OS X. Our
goal is to write very productive software that is simple and easy to
use. Thanks to all for your support.