QLogic Showcases High Performance Fibre Channel and InfiniBand
Adapters for Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor Based Servers Testing
Shows SANblade Fibre Channel HBAs Turn in Record-Breaking 155,000
IOPs Per Port

Corp. (Nasdaq:QLGC), the leader in Fibre Channel host bus adapters
(HBAs), stackable switches and blade server switches, today is
demonstrating its SANblade QLE2460 4Gb Fibre Channel HBAs, the
fastest HBAs for the new Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor 5100 Series,
along with other members of the Intel IHV Optimization Community at
this year’s Intel Developer Forum. QLogic is also demonstrating
interoperability between its InfiniPath InfiniBand adapters and
Ethernet networks running the OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution
(OFED) 1.0 for Linux-based data center fabrics.
“The new Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor-Based platform, based on
Intel’s power-optimized micro-architecture, offers significantly
improved performance and greatly reduced power consumption,” said Jim
Pappas, director of initiative marketing for Intel Corporation.
“Optimizing technologies such as Fibre Channel and InfiniBand for the
new dual-core platform ultimately enables customers to operate more
efficiently and effectively.”

In side-by-side testing on the new dual-core Intel Xeon platform,
SANblade QLE2460 Series HBAs achieved a dramatic 155,000 I/Os per
second per port, 76 percent more than the company’s primary
competitor which performed at 75,000 I/Os per second per port. The
QLogic HBA delivered 780MB/second per port in full-duplex mode on the
dual-core Intel Xeon platform, 18 percent higher than the rating
achieved by the closest competitor.

“QLogic offers a full suite of networking and storage interconnect
products that empower a new generation of grid computing,” said Frank
Berry, vice president of marketing, QLogic Corp. “We have been
working with Intel to exploit the combined computing power of Fibre
Channel and InfiniBand solutions with the dual-core Intel Xeon
processor-based platform.”

Also optimized for the dual-core Intel platform, QLogic InfiniPath
InfiniBand adapters use the unique QLogic HyperMessaging
Architecture, which delivers the industry’s highest message rate and
highest effective bandwidth. InfiniPath supports more than 10
million messages per second, which is dramatically higher than the
message rate of any other cluster interconnect.

About the Intel Developer Forum
In its 10th year, IDF is the premier global technology forum for
hardware and software developers to confer on Intel-based platforms,
technologies and solutions, and the new usage models they enable.
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About QLogic
QLogic is a leading supplier of high performance storage networking
solutions including Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs), blade
server embedded Fibre Channel switches, Fibre Channel stackable
switches, iSCSI HBAs, iSCSI routers and storage services platforms
for enabling advanced storage management applications. The company is
also a leading supplier of server networking products including
InfiniBand host channel adapters that accelerate cluster performance.
QLogic products are delivered to small-to-medium businesses and large
enterprises around the world via its channel partner community.
QLogic products are also powering solutions from leading companies
like Cisco, Dell, EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, HP, IBM, NEC, Network
Appliance and Sun Microsystems. QLogic is a member of the S&P 500
Index. For more information go to www.qlogic.com.