TOLIS Group is pleased to announce the availability of BRU LE 1.3.0,
a solution upgrade to the existing BRU LE 1.2.8 product. Version
1.3.0 delivers improved functionality, ease-of-use, and performance.

New features in BRU LE 1.3.0 include “QuickBackup” mode, enhanced
disk to disk (D2D) file management support, support for sending task
mail through an intermediate mail server, dramatically improved tape
I/O performance for newer tape technologies such as SDLT, LTO-3, and
SAIT, improved administrative authentication, and Universal Binary

1) The QuickBackup mode simplifies immediate backup needs by allowing
users to drag and drop files, folders, or complete disk volumes from
the desktop, select the backup media, and click the “Start Backup”

2) Enhanced disk archive management provides automatic date and time
stamping within the archive name making it easier to manage your BRU
archives directly within the Finder. The process of storing archives
on disk has also been expanded from a one-shot operation as provided
in BRU LE 1.2.8 to using disk as a true archive storage medium.

3) By using a multithreaded design, BRU LE 1.3.0 allows I/O
operations to run at the speed of the devices involved without the
previous performance penalty incurred in the single threaded
interface model of BRU LE 1.2.8.

4) BRU LE 1.3.0 components are also now Universal Binary tools for
use on both PowerPC and Intel Mac systems.

Existing BRU LE 1.2.8 licenses are not compatible with the 1.3.0
upgrade. Current LE technical support customers will be upgraded for
free and will be provided new licenses. The upgrade cost to
non-support customers is $69.

BRU LE 1.3.0 is the latest representation of TOLIS Group’s continuing
commitment to data backup and restore support for the Macintosh user