Ambrosia today announced the release of Redline, a racing game for Mac OS X that demonstrates just how much fun tossing polygons around at 200+ mph can be, notes the company. With its advanced 3D rendering engine and a physics engine that ensures each car has a distinct feel, Redline also shows that “running someone off of the road isn’t just cathartic, it’s downright fun.” Ambrosia says that the real fun, though, is meeting nice people on the Internet and running them off of the road. Redline supports up to 12 people in a network race, either on a local network, or over the Internet. Meet up in the Lobby, pick a course, pick your cars, and recklessly slam your newfound “friends” into the guard rail in your quest for the coveted checkered flag. Redline is priced at US$25 and requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later.