SANTA ANA, Calif., September 21, 2006 – SRS Labs Inc. (NASDAQ: SRSL),
a leading provider of surround sound, audio and voice technologies,
today announced the availability of a new consumer software product,
the SRS iWOW plug-in (iWOW) designed specifically for the iTunes
platform. The iWOW software brings Mac users a richer, more powerful
and brilliant audio experience when they listen to music, movies,
videos and podcasts on iTUNES

SRS iWOW was designed recognizing audio has become more important to
consumers as many people use their Mac for entertainment both at home
and on the road. The iWOW was created using several patented SRS Labs
audio technologies to provide immersive, three-dimensional audio
playing over headphones, desktop, laptop or monitor speakers. This
audio enhancement software delivers fully immersive stereo with
cleaner sound, deeper bass and the ability for each user to
personalize their acoustic preferences.

Users of the SRS iWOW plug-in can customize their audio experience
with the option to select the preferred SRS Labs patented technology
based upon an array of music presets in the toolbox (i.e. rock,
classical, jazz, blues, country etc.). With a center control feature,
users viewing a video or listening to music will be able to perfect
the balance of sound by using a virtual “zoom” lens to dynamically
extract and position the dialog in the foreground or background of
the stereo mix. The iWOW creates a multimedia experience where the
user will be able to control how and what they listen to. Coupled
with these features is a sleek spectrometer interface design that
displays energizing sonic-like pulses when playing content.

Additional features of the SRS iWOW include restoration and clarity
of the vocals and high-frequency instruments that otherwise sound
“muffled” because of data loss caused by compression in audio
formats. The iWOW also widens the optimal listening area by expanding
the audio field in both the horizontal and vertical planes and uses a
psychoacoustic technology to make the ear perceive maximum bass
without distorting or overdriving computer speakers and headphones.

“SRS Labs is continually exploring new opportunities and ways to
provide the most superior audio quality for consumers through digital
devices,” said Tom Yuen, Chairman and CEO, SRS Labs. “The beauty of
the iWOW is that Mac users will receive an incredible, immersive
audio experience at a reasonable cost.
With the iWOW, music and video can be experienced the way they were
meant to, with superior audio that complements the visual experience.”

The iWOW plug-in comes with a free trial period and is available at and other leading download websites. After the
trial, the software cost is $19.99.

SRS Labs has also recently launched the Audio Sandbox, which is audio
enhancement software for the PC to provide a complete surround sound
experience. For more information or to experience the SRS Audio
Sandbox, visit

About SRS Labs, Inc.
SRS Labs develops advanced audio and communications technology that
optimizes and improves the listening experience through techniques
based on the latest research into the human auditory system. With
over 600 million products shipped worldwide, SRS Labs is a leader in
audio. Incorporated in products ranging from HDTVs and mobile phones
to PCs and automotive entertainment, SRS Labs audio and speech signal
processing provides the best possible sound on every form factor and
in every environment. SRS Labs surround sound solutions enable the
professional broadcast and recording industries with high-performance
production, back-haul, storage, and transmission capability. SRS Labs
supports manufacturers worldwide with offices in the US, China,
Europe, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.