Centrify is First to Extend Microsoft Group Policy to Mac OS X

Organizations can now centrally set and enforce configuration and security
for Macs by using the same class of policies applied to Windows systems

Mountain View, CA – June 12, 2006 – Centrify Corporation, a leading
provider of Microsoft Active Directory-based access control and identity
management solutions for non-Microsoft platforms, today announced the
availability of the only solution that enables IT managers to centrally
secure and configure Mac OS X systems through Microsoft Group Policy. With
DirectControl, IT professionals can now use the same desktop lockdown and
configuration management tools that they use for their Windows environment,
to improve security and to centrally set policy and perform bulk
configuration of Mac OS X systems. Centrify also announced today that
Centrify DirectControl now supports Mac OS X on Intel-based systems, in
addition to its current support for Mac OS X on PowerPC.

“We chose Centrify DirectControl because it gives us direct, centralized
control of the Macs using our Windows management tools, makes it easy to
enforce the same security policies across all the desktops, and helps us
ensure that we are following best practices throughout the company,” said
Dave Mussman, Business Analyst at Morris Communications. “Mac users will
get better service, the systems will be more secure, and we expect the
administrative overhead will be reduced.”

The addition of a wide array of Group Policy settings for Mac OS X
environments enriches the Microsoft Active Directory-based authentication
and authorization capabilities that DirectControl already delivers for Mac
OS X. DirectControl’s Mac OS X group policies help IT managers increase
desktop security by enforcing password locks on screensavers, setting and
managing firewall settings, locking down system preferences, controlling
energy-saver functions, controlling Internet sharing settings, and
providing a range of other management functions. These features extend to
Mac OS X-based systems running on Intel processors.

“Microsoft is pleased that Centrify is extending Microsoft Group Policy
across heterogeneous environments,” said Michael Dennis, Lead Program
Manager, Group Policy, of Microsoft. “Enabling the Macintosh for Group
Policy is an idea whose time has come,” said Jeremy Moskowitz, author,
instructor, Group Policy MVP, and owner of GPanswers.com, a web-based Group
Policy Resource Center. “This advance will go a long way toward ensuring
that all computers in a department receive similarly standardized settings.”

The Technology

The Centrify DirectControl suite consists of the DirectControl Agent and
DirectControl Management Tools. The DirectControl Agent enables a UNIX,
Linux or Mac OS X computer to join an Active Directory domain and provides
comprehensive Active Directory services for that system: authenticates
administrator and end-user logins, controls access to any hosted web
applications, and implements Group Policy updates. The DirectControl
Management Tools enable administrators to set user and group access rights
for the managed systems, set up Centrify Zones, run reports, configure the
DirectControl Agents, and import accounts. DirectControl for Mac OS X is
installed on the desktop or server to enforce both computer and user group
policies. The Group Policy capabilities included with DirectControl for Mac
OS X leverage information stored in Active Directory about the machines and
users on the network, and deliver robust capabilities such as loop-back
filtering. For a comprehensive listing of Group Policies delivered by
Centrify DirectControl, visit

Pricing and Availability

Group Policy support is built into the core DirectControl for Mac OS X
product; there is no additional software to license or install. Centrify
DirectControl for Mac OS X pricing begins at $50 per desktop or workstation
and $300 per server. DirectControl’s Group Policy support for Mac OS X is
available today on PowerPC-based systems; DirectControl support for Mac OS
X on Intel-based systems will be available by the end of June 2006.

About Centrify

Centrify is a leading provider of Microsoft Active Directory-based access
control and identity management solutions for UNIX, Linux, Mac, J2EE and
web platforms. With DirectControl, organizations can improve IT and
end-user efficiency, better comply with regulatory requirements, and move
toward a more secure, connected infrastructure for their heterogeneous
computing environment. Founded in March 2004, Centrify is headquartered in
Mountain View, California. For more information about Centrify and
DirectControl, call 650-961-1100 or visit www.centrify.com.