Apple has updated its Hot Deals site with the latest offerings from AudioMIDI. AudioMIDI has deals on a wide variety of Mac compatible products including: an exclusive Wave Arts’ sale with special pricing on the best EQ and Compressor plug-ins available — like FinalPlug 5, MultiDynamics 5, TrackPlug 5 and Panorama 5 all for for US$135.00 each; get an unbelievable price on an unbelievable audio controlled synthesizer with Antares Kantos for $49.00; get pristine 24-bit uncompressed recording to go with the Edirol R-09 Portable Recorder w/built-in stereo mic for $399.00; need a go to solution for quick adjustments on individual tracks that features Classic Compressor, Classic Eonsole Equalizer and Super DSP Efficient? — then get Classic Console Strip LE – Native from URS for $149.00 – available as an electronic download only at this time; get a new breed of FireWire Interface w/onboard DSP, 24-bit processing, 4-inputs (2-digital), and 10-outputs (2-digital) with the Saffire audio interface from Focusrite for $395.00; how about another audioMIDI exclusive —  Synth Legends Nite DVD featuring commentary form Bob Moog, Tom Oberheim, and Dave Smith w/special guests Roger Linn and Marcus Ryle for $19.95; and more.