Paris, September 11 2006 – SeeFile Software is=20
unveiling a new version of its software, SeeFile=20
2.6, at Apple Expo (stand P28) and Photokina=20
(hall 10.1, stand C018 and hall 4.1, stand C017)=20
this month. SeeFile 2.6 is the first version of=20
the software to be offered in a language other=20
than English (in this case French and German).=20
The software allows photographers, graphic=20
designers and video editors to share private=20
folders with their clients and collaborators,=20
requiring only a PC or Mac web browser at the=20
client end.

Additional localizations can be done by modifying=20
a small number of files associated with the=20
product, and do not require any recompilation or=20
software development. With this version of the=20
product, SeeFile is aiming to bring the=20
software’s capabilities the European market for=20
the first time. Sales of the product, as well as=20
highly positive reviews (Seybold Reports, Studio=20
Photography and Design, Shutterbug, Big Picture),=20
have so far been concentrated in North America.

=46or the first time, SeeFile 2.6 also includes the=20
ability to download any file directly from its=20
advanced preview and lightbox viewing modes. The=20
download function, which is enabled or disabled=20
for each user of the software by the system’s=20
administrator using a browser-based interface,=20
was previously only accessible from SeeFile’s=20
thumbnail preview and in-depth metadata views.

SeeFile creates a Web representation of the file=20
system on the originating Mac, with a=20
continuously-updating view of folders, and=20
previews of both still images and video files.=20
Compared to traditional tools such as FTP=20
transfers or sending physical storage media by=20
courier, SeeFile offers tremendous advantages in=20
interactivity and time savings. On the other=20
hand, compared to full-blown digital asset=20
management systems, SeeFile is dramatically=20
affordable, with pricing from =A4399 for a fully=20
functional version supporting 5 login profiles,=20
to =A43995 for an unlimited license. System bundles=20
with Apple’s newest Mac mini hardware including=20
Intel’s Core Duo processor are also available=20
from dealers, at prices beginning at =A4995=20
complete for hardware and software.

About SeeFile:

SeeFile LLC is a software development company=20
based in Boston, Massachusetts. Its president,=20
Sam Bogoch, was previously CEO of Torque Systems=20
and was recognized by Electronic Publishing=20
Magazine as one of its 100 Minds on the=20
Millennium. SeeFile has received highly positive=20
in-depth reviews from a number of prepress and=20
photography magazines, including Seybold Reports,=20
Studio Photography and Design, Shutterbug and Big=20
Picture Magazine.