Centrify Adds Smart Card Support to Its Solution for Integrating Mac OS X
in Active Directory Environments

DirectControl for Mac OS X, Smart Card Login Option to initially Support
the Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC)

Mountain View, CA-February 5, 2007- Centrify Corporation, a leading
provider of Microsoft Active Directory-based access control and identity
management solutions for non-Microsoft platforms, today announced
DirectControl for Mac OS X, SmartCard Login Option, which enables Mac OS X
users to join Microsoft Active Directory environments that require
two-factor authentication via smart cards. The first smart card standard to
be supported is Department of Defense Common Access Cards (CAC), used
pervasively throughout the DoD and related agencies to authenticate both
military personnel and contractors to systems around the world.
DirectControl runs natively on both PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs.

“Providing smart card support for the Mac reflects Centrify’s commitment to
maintaining parity for non-Microsoft systems by integrating them into the
identity management, access control and authentication capabilities of
Microsoft Active Directory,” said Jim Chappell, Vice President of Field
Operations at Centrify. “The millions of smart card users in the Federal
government benefit from having the leading provider of Mac-Active Directory
integration deliver smart card support.”

“The unique combination of rock solid UNIX stability, security and
ease-of-use is driving increased adoption of Mac OS X by Federal
employees,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer
Relations. “We’re thrilled that Centrify has taken advantage of the
interoperability of Mac OS X to deliver a two-factor smart card
authentication solution.”

Smart cards are recognized as the de-facto standard for two-factor
authentication. For Federal agencies, HSPD12 (Homeland Security
Presidential Directive #12) mandates the use of two-factor authentication
for all Federal computer systems. To address this requirement, Centrify
DirectControl for Mac OS X, SmartCard Login Option enables a user to log in
to any DirectControl-enabled system without requiring any special user
configuration on the local system, because all authentication and access
control data is stored in Microsoft Active Directory. Administrators can
use Active Directory to centrally control which users may or may not log in
to which Macs. Additionally, Centrify DirectControl’s unique Zones
capability allows custom grouping of systems for delegated administration
and fine-grained control of access.

Centrify DirectControl supports both online and offline login with smart
cards, so an organization can require a user who is using a Macintosh on an
airplane to authenticate using their smart card. DirectControl also lets
administrators leverage the Group Policy capabilities associated with
Active Directory to configure Mac OS X systems and ensure that those
systems adhere to the organization-wide policies used by Windows systems.

Centrify DirectControl’s core feature is its ability to enable UNIX, Linux
and Mac systems to participate in an Active Directory domain. The Centrify
DirectControl Agent effectively turns the host system into an Active
Directory client, enabling organizations to secure that system using the
same authentication, access control and Group Policy services currently
deployed for their Windows systems.

Pricing and Availability

Centrify DirectControl for Mac OS X is priced at $60 per workstation. The
SmartCard Login Option is priced at $30 per workstation. The DirectControl
for Mac OS X, SmartCard Login Option will be generally available in early
March 2007. Please visit http://www.centrify.com/mac for more details.

About Centrify

Centrify delivers centralized access control and identity management
solutions that seamlessly integrate non-Microsoft systems, web
applications, databases and storage systems with Microsoft Active
Directory. With Centrify solutions, organizations can improve efficiency,
better comply with regulatory requirements and move toward a more secure,
connected infrastructure for their heterogeneous computing environment.
Centrify is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more
information about Centrify and DirectControl, call +1 650-961-1100 or visit