Powerful new suite designed to help creative,=20
publishing and prepress workgroups achieve better=20
results, faster, and with less effort.

IOWA CITY, Iowa – September 12, 2006 – Today=20
MetaCommunications, a leading developer of=20
software management solutions for the graphic=20
arts industry, announced the immediate=20
availability of Workgroups 2006, a powerful new=20
cross platform process and productivity=20
management suite for creative, publishing and=20

The Workgroups 2006 suite provides today’s=20
creative and production workgroups with process=20
automation and management tools to help them=20
achieve better results, faster, and with less=20
effort. As creative and prepress environments=20
seek greater efficiencies and diversify their=20
product and service offerings, their workflows=20
become more numerous and complex. Workgroups 2006=20
provides the unique tools necessary to=20
streamline, automate, and manage the diverse=20
workflows employed in these environments. The=20
result is increased productivity, creativity, and=20

Workgroups 2006 includes new versions of its=20
tightly integrated flagship products: the award=20
winning Job Manager 4.0, Virtual Ticket 7.0,=20
Digital Storage Manager 2.0, and brand new=20
Approval Manager 1.0 (see press release at=20
) solution. Key capabilities include:

– Financial productivity management

– Project & workflow management

– Collaborative approval management

– Document storage management

“Process automation and management are sorely=20
missing in creative and production environments.=20
While production tools have gone from the camera=20
room to the digital desktop, the tools to=20
automate and manage the process are still missing=20
in most environments. Workgroups 2006 is the=20
first solution engineered from the ground up to=20
not only manage the process, but help the users=20
excel individually and as part of a team.” says=20
Robert Long, Executive Vice President of=20

With Workgroups 2006, creative and production environments will:

– Improve efficiency, capture revenue, and put more on the bottom line

– Connect projects, people, and workflow

– Speed, organize, and automate proof approvals

– Find, share, and store files, anywhere

Workgroups 2006 is scalable from a few users to=20
thousands of users over multiple locations.

Workgroups 2006 components can be purchased=20
individually or as an integrated suite. A JDF=20
Solutions Framework is available for Virtual=20
Ticket, allowing it to be used as the front-end=20
graphical user interface to JDF enabled=20
production workflows. Additional optional=20
integrations are available for Kodak Prinergy and=20
Artwork Systems Nexus CTP systems.

Solution Libraries

Workgroups 2006 is the only solution that offers=20
powerful built-in graphic arts functionality=20
combined with the ability to fully customize and=20
extend the product capabilities. Since one size=20
never fits all, we made Workgroups extensible=20
using Solutions Libraries. Solutions Libraries=20
add customizable pre-built functionality and are=20
available from MetaCommunications or third party=20
developers. Solutions Libraries can easily be=20
imported and include pre-built forms, finds, and=20
reports. Solutions Libraries are currently=20
available for:

– Brand Management

– Creative Workflow Forms

– Digital Asset Management Libraries

– Trafficking and Scheduling

– Prepress Job Tickets (Commercial, Gravure, Flexo)

– Preflight Integration

– Catalog Page Production

– Commercial Print

– Media Buying

– Sales Management

– Customer Relationship Management

– Video Production

– Print Procurement

New Products & Upgrades

Workgroups 2006 consists of new fully integrated=20
versions of its Job Manager, Virtual Ticket,=20
Digital Storage product lines and a new product=20
called Approval Manager.

– Job Manager 4.0 – New Version Job Manager’s=20
powerful financial management tools enable=20
creative and production workgroups to accurately=20
create estimates and quotes, monitor job costs,=20
quickly generate on-demand reporting and=20
invoices, and share information with industry=20
leading accounting systems. Version 4.0 includes=20
a new cross platform browser based client,=20
usability enhancements, and full integration with=20
the Workgroups suite. Complete details can be=20
found at:=20

– Virtual Ticket 7.0 – New Version

Virtual Ticket is the only solution available=20
today that combines powerful project and workflow=20
tools into one simple to use solution for=20
creative, publishing, and prepress workgroups.=20
With Virtual Ticket workgroups bring together all=20
the components of work in a centralized location,=20
including project briefs, job tickets, customer=20
info, all the associated document files, and=20
more. From this one location Virtual Ticket=20
provides advanced workflow tools to help manage=20
and automate processes. Version 7.0 includes=20
interface enhancements, an integrated and=20
improved form editing tool, Find categories,=20
Adobe Creative Suite 2 and Mac OS X Finder=20
plug-ins, simplified deployment tools, support=20
for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services,=20
enhanced JDF support, and full integration with=20
the Workgroups suite. Complete details can be=20
found at:=20

– Approval Manager 1.0 – New Product (See press=20
release at=20

Inspired by customer demand and designed with the=20
recommendations of an advisory panel comprised of=20
recognized leaders in the graphic arts industry,=20
Approval Manager masters the inherent difficulty=20
of managing, tracking, and scheduling any=20
approval process within and across creative and=20
production environments. Approval Manager’s=20
innovative design and features put you back in=20
control of any approval process, from the=20
simplest to the most complex. With Approval=20
Manager, traditional difficulties involved with=20
keeping an approval process consisting of=20
multiple rounds, multiple reviewers, and tight=20
deadlines on track are simplified and automated.

– Digital Storage Manager 2.0 – New Version

Digital Storage Manager is a powerful storage=20
management solution specially designed for=20
creative, publishing and prepress workgroups.=20
These workgroups generate thousands of digital=20
document files during the creative and production=20
process. As the number of files grow, so do the=20
challenges faced by the professionals who need=20
them. Digital Storage Manager helps users and=20
system administrators to find files anywhere,=20
regardless of location, assign useful metadata=20
automatically, automate workflow, and store &=20
retrieve files from online and offline media.=20
Version 2.0 includes interface enhancements, an=20
improved forms editing tool, find categories,=20
simplified deployment tools, support for=20
Microsoft Report Services, and full integration=20
with the Workgroups suite. Complete details can=20
be found at:=20

Technology & Platforms

Workgroups 2006 is a multi-user server based=20
solution built on Microsoft SQL Server and .Net=20
technologies. Client applications are available=20
for both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

Pricing & Availability

Workgroups 2006 is available immediately and is=20
priced affordably with complete multi-user suite=20
bundles starting at $4995. Workgroups component=20
applications, Job Manager, Virtual Ticket,=20
Approval Manager and Digital Storage Manager may=20
be purchased individually, starting at $1695.=20
MetaCommunications products are available from=20
authorized resellers, system integrators,=20
distributors and OEM partners. MetaCommunications=20
will be providing the first public exhibition and=20
demonstrations of the Workgroups 2006 suite at=20
Graph Expo =9206. For more information, call=20
319-337-8599 or e-mail sales@meta-comm.com.

About MetaCommunications
MetaCommunications (http://www.meta-comm.com) is=20
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productivity solutions for the graphic arts=20
industry, including the award-winning Job=20
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products are customizable and scalable from=20
two-user workgroups to hundreds of users in a=20
multi-site enterprise environment.=20
MetaCommunications has thousands of users of its=20
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