Seattle, WA — September 6, 2006 — The Omni Group has announced the
final release of OmniWeb 5.5, a much-anticipated update to the
popular web browser.

OmniWeb 5.5 is based off a customized version of WebKit, offering
increased speed, website compatibility, and stability. OmniWeb 5.5 is
a Universal Binary, offers user defined style sheets for websites on
a global or site-specific basis, and provides many overall fixes and

OmniWeb is a Mac OS X-specific web browser with a number of unique
features, including graphical tabs, site-specific preferences,
workspaces that save your individual browsing sessions, customizable
web shortcuts, and much more. OmniWeb 5.5 is a free download for
licensed 5.x owners, and is available at

About The Omni Group

The Omni Group develops applications exclusively for Mac OS X. The
Omni Group is the developer of OmniWeb, a web browser offering far
more than standard browsing features; OmniOutliner, an outlining and
organizational tool; OmniGraffle, a highly regarded diagramming
application; OmniDazzle, a fun and useful presentation aid; and
OmniPlan, a project planning program. Founded in 1993, The Omni Group
is located in Seattle, WA.