Rapid Adoption of Intel Multi-Core Processors Spurs Need for
Reliable, High-Performance Threaded Applications

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 28, 2006 — Intel Corporation today
announced the availability of three new threading tools that enable
software developers to efficiently create reliable, high-performance
threaded applications to take full advantage of multi-core processing
systems. These new tools, Intel Threading Building Blocks 1.0, Intel
Thread Checker 3.0 and Intel Thread Profiler 3.0, are part of the
most comprehensive tool set in the industry, enabling developers to
achieve correctness, scalability and ease of programming in parallel
development. “These are the tools software developers need the most
to enable them to exploit parallelism from multi-core processors,”
said James Reinders, marketing director for Intel’s Developer
Products Division. “Developers do not want to inflate their code by
writing their own thread management code and no one should have to
debug and tune applications using yesterday’s developer tools. These
products work with other Intel tools, understand locks, OpenMP and
other parallel constructs, and fit easily into current development

Intel Threading Building Blocks 1.0

Intel Threading Building Blocks 1.0 is a C++ runtime library that
simplifies introducing threads to an application, making performance
gains possible while shielding software developers from the low-level
complexity of assigning threads to processor cores. With this tool,
developers can avoid having to re-write, re-test and re-tune common
parallel data structures and algorithms. Developers can utilize this
product to make their programs simpler and more maintainable while
also enhancing the speed and scalability of their applications. Intel
Threading Building Blocks enables developers to write an application
once that automatically recognizes the number of available cores and
scales performance appropriately. This reduces the need to re-write
application code when new processors with more cores are released.
Threading Building Blocks 1.0 provides a single solution for
Windows*, Linux, and Mac * OS on platforms using Intel, Microsoft*
and GNU compilers. This library can be used in concert with other
threading programming interfaces, such as Windows, POSIX* and OpenMP*

Intel Thread Checker 3.0

Intel Thread Checker 3.0 is a threading analysis tool that allows
developers to introduce threading in a way to minimize error
potential. With its patented, advanced error protection engine, it
provides “thread safety” by identifying the most obscure threading
errors in 32-bit and 64-bit applications. Intel Thread Checker is
unique in its ability to help developers understand how to optimally
use Windows*, POSIX* or OpenMP* threads in their applications. This
latest version of Intel Thread Checker now supports 64-bit
applications on Intel hardware platforms based on the Intel 64
architecture, enabling developers to use just one thread analyzer for
both their 32- and 64-bit applications. In addition to supporting
Intel compilers and existing Microsoft* compilers on Windows*, Intel
Thread Checker 3.0 adds integration with Microsoft* Visual Studio

Intel Thread Profiler 3.0

Intel Thread Profiler 3.0 for Windows provides developers with
insight into how their application threads interact. Intel Thread
Profiler visualizes threaded application behavior and pinpoints
parallel performance issues, such as bottlenecks. It allows
developers to measure the number of cores that are effectively
utilized by the application and indicates the percentage of the code
that is not optimally parallelized for the hardware platform on which
the application is running. Intel Thread Profiler 3.0 can also
prototype and estimate the performance potential of threading parts
of an application, enabling developers to thread the parts of their
application that will yield the greatest performance.

Pricing and Availability

Intel Threading Building Blocks 1.0, Intel Thread Checker 3.0 and
Intel Thread Profiler 3.0 are available today. Suggested pricing for
the products: Intel Threading Building Blocks 1.0 for Windows, Linux
and Mac operating systems $299; Intel Thread Checker 3.0 for Windows
and Linux $999 and Intel Thread Profiler 3.0 for Windows $299. The
Intel Thread Checker 3.0 for Linux, which currently supports
command-line usage only, has a suggested price of $499.

Intel offers a complete line of software development products,
including compilers, libraries and analysis tools, which enable
developers to get more performance out of their systems and
applications. Intel software developer products offer industry
leading support for parallel programming for systems of all sizes.
For more information, visit www.intel.com/software/products.

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