Fort Montgomery, NY, August 14 2006 – LutherSoft announces the
release of iPlanner. iPlanner bridges the gap between iCal and paper
systems, such as Franklin/Covey and DayRunner, allowing the user to
print their calendars and task lists directly onto their favorite day
planner layout.

Many people have longed for the ability to print from iCal even onto
a page that would fit into their day planners. iCal has been limited
in this area, and can’t even print onto an 8.5 x 5.5 inch piece of
paper. iPlanner goes one step further. Not only can it print onto the
smaller page, but it positions the data to fit onto the pre-printed
day planner pages.

iPlanner is NOT a scheduling software of task manager. iCal does a
wonderful job of that. What iPlanner does is take the data from iCal
and reformat it to print onto a page purchased from Franklin/Covey or

People love iCal, and their Macs, but most of them don’t carry them
around with them to use as a task list and calendar book. Even
syncing with a PDA lacks the “touchy-feely” aspects of a paper
planner, and sales of these planners are still strong.

iPlanner has a simple interface and supports over 50 layouts from
FranklinCovey and DayRunner. It supports printing of multiple
calendars from iCal in the color defined in iCal. It also print
multiple schedules on the same planner page by printing them in

A demo version of iPlanner can be downloaded from
A full version can be purchased for $25 USD. For additional
information, visit

ABOUT LUTHERSOFT – LutherSoft is a new player in the software
industry, specializing in printing software. We are currently working
on a product for Lenticular printing called iFlip, and a graphic
prepress workflow package called iFlow. We have over 15 years
experience in the electronic prepress field of the printing industry.