Monday, August 21, 2006 – 24U Software has published new examples for
FileMaker Pro in the Tips & Tricks section of its web site. Learn how
to add better user interfaces and design more intuitive solutions.

“Because even the best database solution with poor user interface
will always be less popular than the worst solution with a good user

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24U Drag & Drop Example

This example demonstrates how to simply perform various actions in
FileMaker 8 by the way of Drag & Drop. In three tabs, the following
Drag & Drop features are demonstrated:

– Color Picker (Changing field or text color from a palette)
– List Reorder (Changing row order in a list)
– File Move/Copy (Moving or copying files)

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24U Commander Example

This example demonstrates an implementation of a “file commander”
under FileMaker Pro with user interface similar to the popular Norton
Commander, Windows Commander, or Midnight Commander. File management
functionality is implemented using 24U SimpleFile Plug-In, user
interface takes advantage of the custom menus feature of FileMaker
Pro 8.

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