At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Concord Electronics launched the Keystone ECO MarineCase (, a waterproof case made specifically for the iPhone 4S/4. It’s available in black or white and costs US$39.99.

Enclosing the iPhone in the MarineCase allows consumers to capture images and video underwater, as well as playback, email, text data, use apps, and more without leaving the water, according to the folks at Concord Electronics. It fully encases the iPhone, keeping it safe and dry at depths up to 20 feet underwater.

The clear protective silicon cover of the MarineCase supports full iPhone screen and call functionality and is designed for swimmers, skiers, kayakers, white water rafters, snowboarders, boaters, fisherman, or any iPhone users who expose their phones to environments that prone to contact with water. The case also protects the iPhone from snow, rain, dust and sand.

The MarineCase is an IPX8 certified waterproof case. It comes with a neck strap that can be used to tether the phone to boats, kayaks, air mattresses and more.