NEW INTEL-BASED MAC PRO Cost-effective RoHS-Compliant Solutions for
Higher Performance from Apple Mac Pro

2006–( Tree Communications,
designers and manufacturers of high-performance networking and
storage solutions for Mac OS X, announced today that it is ready to
ship and support its multi-port
( Gigabit Ethernet
and ( Gigabit
Ethernet cards on the newly announced Apple Mac Pro. Ideal for small
workgroup, data center and enterprise installations, Small Tree’s
Ethernet cards and drivers provide the I/O performance required by
the Intel Xeon 5100 based systems.

“We have been anticipating for some time that Apple would introduce
the new Mac Pro based on Intel’s new ‘Woodcrest’ Xeon dual-core
processors and are ready with our full featured cards and optimized
Mac OS X drivers to support the new system effective immediately”
states Corky Seeber, president of Small Tree Communications. “We are
particularly pleased that the new Mac Pro is PCI-Express based since
that will enable us to deliver greater performance from our Ethernet
solutions. We are already shipping our 2-port PCIe cards to customers
who want to use the new Mac Pro and its internal RAIDed disks as a
file server, but realize that a performance bottleneck will occur
without our multi-port cards.”

Derek Robb, Small Tree’s vice president of sales and business
development adds, “Small Tree has always taken a time-to-market
approach with our Mac OS X products and we are delighted to be an
early supporter of the new Mac Pro. Apple has significantly increased
the cpu power in the new Mac Pro and so it is important to have I/O
products, like those from Small Tree, that can keep pace with the
processors and provide overall balance in the system.”

Small Tree offers PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet cards today with one
or two ports and either copper or optical connections. Four port
cards are in development. Additionally, all of Small Tree’s products
for the new Mac Pro are RoHS-compliant.

About Small Tree Communications
Small Tree Communications is dedicated to providing unique
leading-edge enterprise networking solutions for the Mac. With
world-class high-performance computing experience from its team of
networking and kernel developers, Small Tree brings new technology
peripheral products to meet the demanding application requirements of
Mac customers. Small Tree also provides contracted programming
services for the Department of Defense. For more information about
the company and its products, please call 1-866-STC-4MAC or visit