AdMob ( — which stores and analyzes handset and operator data from every ad request in its network of more than 15,000 mobile Web sites and applications to optimize ad serving — recently ran a survey of publishers to gauge their development activity on multiple platforms.  The survey received 108 responses and included some interesting findings:

° 31% of developers are currently developing for more than one mobile platform and almost half (47%) said they plan on developing on more than one platform in the next six months.

° More than 70% of iPhone developers plan to develop for Android over the next six months and close to half of Android developers (48%) plan to develop for iPhone.

° Many developers are new to mobile with 49% saying they have been developing for mobile less than a year.

° 58% of respondents develop for the mobile web.

AdMob asked which platforms publishers currently develop for and which they had plans to in the next six months, and Android was the top choice among those who answered the survey.