WorldMaps, LinkTracker and Spoof Proof Security Top the List of Unique Features

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 14, 2006 — VisiStat today introduced a major
new version of its graphical website tracking service stacked with
performance enhancements and new at-a-glance activity reports.

VisiStat 4.0 debuts unique features offered no where else, such as
WorldMaps, a veritable GPS for web site monitoring. With WorldMaps,
users can see the source and volume of visits to their web site from
any country around the globe.

Responding to the dramatic increase in online advertising and email
campaigns, VisiStat 4.0 now offers LinkTracker, a new feature that
displays the number of document downloads and other clickable actions
available on every page of a web site.

“Every click counts when it comes to tracking the performance of your
online marketing programs,” says Tina Bean, marketing director for
VisiStat. “Now we are able to track specific actions taken on
individual web pages allowing you, for example, to see how many times
a white paper has been downloaded or how often a promotional offer
has been clicked on.”

Real Time is Faster and Safer

VisiStat 4.0 expands upon the company’s StatCaster real-time tracking
technology, which has helped VisiStat gain rapid market share among
marketing professionals and business owners who need to know right
now how their web site and emarketing programs are performing.

New in version 4.0 is a beta release of Live Page Views, a desktop
window that presents a running count of how many people are on your
site. Like all VisiStat reports, it is addictively simple to read and
it filters out non-human hits to a web site.

“When you are tracking web site visits to improve your business the
last thing you need is misleading information,” says Ms. Bean. “The
VisiStat monitoring architecture ensures that probes from search
spiders and phony traffic from spambots are not reported to you as
visits from real people. That’s crucial to making informed
site-design and business decisions.”

Another key security advantage of VisiStat 4.0 is Domain Filtering,
which uses data authentication to prevent “spoofing,” a simple yet
insidious trick where hackers simply copy a site’s HTML page code and
post their own look-alike site.

With flexible pricing packages starting at only $19.95 per month,
VisiStat makes business-class web analytics extremely affordable for
the mainstream. New version 4.0 includes an array of additional
enhancements that make the product even simpler to use and more
powerful for any level of user, including:

*Friendly Page Naming: Great for large web sites; lets you create and
track easy-to-remember page names instead of clumsy URL page

So, how about “Pistachio Twirl” instead of

*Page Zoom: Allows you to watch traffic patterns on individual pages,
or groups of pages.

*Platform and Plug-in Reports: Tells you not only if your visitors
have Flash but which version of Flash they are running, along with
other key sight-design intelligence such as the cookie settings and
the type of browser and operating system used by your visitors.

*Quick Nav: A handy little toggle window that lets you jump directly
to the VisiStat report you need, when you need it.

*Easy Online Account Management: All your system controls, including
your billing and payment status are now available from within your
VisiStat account.

*Global Click-Path Trending: Shows you where people are entering and
leaving your site, along with snapshots of the page sequences people
have visited while on your site.

About VisiStat

VisiStat is the price-performance leader in real-time web analytics.
Providing dynamic and highly visual reports on page views, unique
visits, link referrals, e-marketing results and much more, VisiStat
turns web site traffic data into actionable business intelligence. A
privately-held company, VisiStat, Inc., is based in San Jose, Calif.,
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