Fusion Plugins Faxlink Mac plugin for FileMaker Pro enables direct
faxing from FileMaker databases on Apple Macintosh computers.

The updated Faxlink Mac Pro 1.5.0 adds support for retrieving fax
queue information, and the new ‘Pro’ version allows you to offload
the actual faxing work to another Mac on your network.

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — August 11, 2006 — Fusion Plugins is
proud to announce two new versions of our Faxlink Mac Plugin for
FileMaker Pro. Faxlink Mac 1.5.0 is now a universal binary for use
with both PowerPC and Intel Macs, includes a new feature which allows
you to retrieve information about your computer’s fax queue, and the
new Faxlink Mac Pro 1.5.0 let you use another Mac on your network to
handle the actual fax sending.

Faxlink Mac is a plugin that allows you to send faxes from your
FileMaker Pro databases. Anything that you can print from FileMaker
Pro, you can send as a fax.

Faxlink Mac also enables you to send multiple faxes at once by
combining a list of recipients, fax numbers and other data from
FileMaker Pro databases to produce personalised faxes for each

– Send faxes using just your Mac (‘Pro’ option: use another Mac on
your network) – Fully automate fax sending
– Fax FileMaker Pro layouts directly from the database – Send
multiple, personalised faxes with one script – Include a standard
cover sheet with ease

See http://fusionplugins.com/faxlink_mac/ for more information and to
download a trial version.

Availability and Pricing

Faxlink Mac 1.5.0 and Faxlink Mac Pro 1.5.0 are available
immediately, from $49 for a single user ($99 for Pro version) up to
$395 for Site/Developer licensing ($495 for Pro version).

About Fusion Plugins

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