WWDC 2006, San Francisco, CA, August 10, 2006 -=20
CRYPTOCard (www.cryptocard.com), a Mac=20
authentication technology developer, today=20
announced a Universal version of its=20
CRYPTO-Server 6.4 for two-factor authentication=20
solution. This provides seamless integration with=20
Apple’s Power PC- and Intel-based Macintosh=20
computers and enables full optimization on both=20
platforms. CRYPTO-Server 6.4 makes it simple to=20
protect LAN, VPN, web-based (Apache and II S),=20
and desktop access for Mac OS X version 10.4=20

“Strong security is the number one priority for=20
most organizations and companies understand that=20
this is not possible if each individual user=20
cannot be positively authenticated,” said Jason=20
Hart, CEO, CRYPTOCard. “Using Apple’s developer=20
tools, CRYPTOCard has created a Universal=20
application that makes it simple for=20
organizations utilizing Power PC or Intel-based=20
Macs to provide true One-PIN-and-You=92re-In=92=20
enterprise-class strong user authentication for=20
local, web, or remote system access.”

“The power of our tools has given Apple=20
developers the opportunity to quickly and easily=20
deliver native Universal applications for our=20
blazing fast Intel-based Macs,” said Ron Okamoto,=20
Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer=20
Relations. “We=92re thrilled CRYPTOCard has=20
delivered a Universal two-factor authentication=20
solution to join the rapidly growing community of=20
developers with Universal versions of their=20

CRYPTO-Server 6.4’s many new features include:

* A new machine to machine architecture which=20
provides a much faster, smaller footprint=20
solution that improves user and administrator=20

* Support for a new software token for BlackBerry=20
handsets from Research In Motion (RIM) which will=20
enable remote users logging into the corporate=20
network from a desktop or laptop via a VPN to use=20
their BlackBerry handset to generate the=20
necessary credentials for two-factor=20

* Client-based Disconnected Authentication=92 to=20
ensure a mobile user’s laptop is protected even=20
when connection to the CRYPTO-Server is not=20

* USB Dongle support for Intel-based Macs

Developed to meet real-world requirements – where=20
Mac workstations often live in a mixed Windows=20
domain, with Linux and Windows clients and Apache=20
or IIS Web servers – CRYPTO-Server makes it=20
simple to positively authenticate each user=20
within a true heterogeneous environment. Fully=20
compatible with Tiger’s support for smart cards,=20
CRYPTO-Server makes it simple to implement a=20
single authenticator=92 for photo ID, building,=20
door, and network access.

About Token Based, Two-Factor Authentication

CRYPTOCard’s authentication solution requires two=20
levels of proof=92 of identity: 1) Something a user=20
has – a CRYPTOCard token that generates a=20
one-time password. 2) Something a user knows – a=20
secret PIN. The benefits include: A lost token is=20
useless without the PIN; a stolen or shoulder=20
surfed PIN is useless without the token. A lost=20
token is readily noticed and can be easily=20
revoked; each generated password is used only=20
once and will never work again – tokens stay in=20
synch with the CRYPTO-Server to manage this=20
process – the result – passwords cannot be=20
stolen, shared, written down or stuck to the side=20
of a monitor.

About CRYPTO-Server

The CRYPTO-Server is the authentication hub of=20
the solution and includes several components:=20
CRYPTO-Logon for desktop and LAN authentication;=20
CRYPTO-VPN (supports Apple and Cisco) for remote=20
authentication; CRYPTO-Web (supports Apache and=20
IIS Web Servers) for website and web portal=20
authentication; CRYPTO-Kit which provides=20
developers with the tools to easily integrate=20
CRYPTOCard’s technology with existing security=20
applications/systems; CRYPTO-Deploy to facilitate=20
the deployment and activation of tokens;=20
CRYPTO-Migration, which provides RSA DES Token=20
Migration functionality that enables=20
organizations to easily switch from an=20
alternative system; and CRYPTO-Console, the Admin=20
interface that facilitates, deployment and=20
revocation of tokens, control of configurable=20
elements, and tracking/reporting functions.

About CRYPTOCard Tokens

An industry leader in token options, CRYPTOCard=20
can work with you, flexibly, to determine the=20
best solution for your workforce. Options include=20
two varieties of hardware tokens (Key Chain and=20
Calculator styles) and several software options=20
including smart cards and software tokens.=20
Different tokens provide different levels of=20
mobility and convenience. Tokens are available in=20
bulk but also as Five-Token kits that include=20
full CRYPTO-Server software, a five-seat license=20
and five tokens (choose any one variety or a=20
sample pack to test five different token types).=20
Kits are affordably priced and can be added on as=20
needed allowing for a staged implementation.

About CRYPTOCard

Established in 1989, CRYPTOCard provides=20
cost-effective Secure Password Technology to=20
leading enterprises worldwide in the government,=20
technology, aerospace, financial, education,=20
telecommunications, and healthcare sectors.=20
Winner of the SC Magazine “Best Buy” award in=20
2005, and the “Best of Show,” award at Macworld=20
2004, CRYPTOCard positively authenticates a=20
user’s identity by coupling something in the=20
user’s possession (a smart card, hardware token,=20
or software token), with something the user knows=20
(their PIN), and provides centralized=20
authentication for all physical and network=20
access regardless of network infrastructure or=20
user location. CRYPTOCard’s partners include=20
Cisco, Check Point, Nortel, and Citrix. For=20
additional information on CRYPTOCard, please=20
visit www.cryptocard.com, or email=20