Clunk Click Introduces Online Mac Backup Service

An online data backup service for Mac OS X users is being launched by
data backup provider Clunk Click ( ),
giving a simple, safe and affordable method of protecting the
precious contents of hard drives.

OnLine Pro for Macintosh OS X automatically backs up data to secure
offsite data centres via the internet each day, meaning Mac OS X,
users can recover lost data at any time from any internet connected

The lack of choice in backing up data held on Macs has been a
headache for some time. Users have frequently been forced to back up
to external hard drives, CDs or tape systems. These methods have left
Mac users vulnerable to data loss through hard drive failure, fire,
theft or damage to the backup medium itself. They also present
problems with data encryption and offsite storage. With Clunk Click,
Mac users never need worry about losing their data again.

Clunk Click managing director, Paul Roberts, explains: “Mac users
have been frustrated by the lack of choice in protecting their data.
We now offer a secure service that will simplify the backup process,
giving mirrored offsite backup and storage without the need for
additional hardware or backup media. This presents a huge advantage
for Mac users over current methods.”

The benefits of OnLine Pro for Macintosh OS X are particularly
critical for business users, as data loss can have a catastrophic
effect. According to Gartner, 80% of businesses that suffer a major
data loss or failure for more than 24 hours close within a year.

Roberts adds: “Our service is essential for Mac users on the move.
Laptop theft is rife and on the increase. Everyday we receive calls
from people whose laptops have been stolen. They are often devastated
as not only have they lost their laptop but all their data too. All
my staff have backup accounts with Clunk Click – we wouldn’t be
without it.”

OnLine Pro for Macintosh OS X is user friendly: following a simple
software download, users select which files to backup and what time
they want the daily backup to occur. Their data is automatically
encrypted and transmitted each day to mirrored offsite date centres.

Further information and a free 10 day trial of OnLine Pro for
Macintosh OS X can be found at ( or by
calling Clunk Click on 08700 503200.