DPS-Arco Introduces One Button Disk Mirroring eSATA RAID+ Promises No
Hassle Continuous Data Backup

Removable caddy unit offers easy setup and maintenance-free operation

Hollywood, Florida…Data Protection Solutions by Arco today
introduced the eSATA RAID+, the latest addition to its EzRAID line of
continuous backup products. Aimed squarely at the high capacity and
fast turnaround demands of the imaging, audio, video, broadcast and
graphic design markets, the eSATA RAID+ provides an easy-to-use
hands-free way for users to maintain two exact up-to-the-minute
copies of their data drives regardless of the size of their files.

The eSATA RAID+ is an external RAID 1 disk mirroring device designed
to hold two Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives. Users need only slip their
drives into the unit’s two caddies and connect the device via a
provided eSATA cable (and optional use eSATA connector.) With the
push of a button, the eSATA RAID+ begins writing to both drives
simultaneously. A mirror system can be created by installing two new
drives or by having the eSATA RAID+ copy all data from an existing
drive to a second drive. Either process will result in the data on
both drives being identical and remaining so as additional data is
saved to the drives. No further user intervention is required.

If a drive fails, an alarm will sound, but the computer will remain
up and running and all applications and/or data will continue to be
accessible. The failed drive can be hot swapped (without powering
down the system). The eSATA RAID+ will copy the data from the
existing drive to the new drive in background and establish a new
mirror system.

Use of the eSATA RAID+ is not limited to disaster prevention. In
project-based situations, the second drive may be removed and
archived or sent immediately to the client when the project is

The eSATA RAID+ provides visual feedback via front panel lights and
an LCD panel. More technically savvy users can further fine tune the
system by means of DPS-Arco’s powerful Windows and LINUX-based
management utilities which facilitate tasks such as monitoring the
condition of remote or inaccessible computer

The eSATA RAID+ operates independently of the computer hardware and
operating system, requires no bus slot or IRQ and has no need for a
TSR setting or any device drivers. It is RoHs compliant and will
function under a wide variety of operating systems, including
Windows, DOS, LINUX, OS/2, Unix, Solaris and NetWare. It is
compatible with all brands and sizes of SATA drives.

Data Protection Solutions by Arco specializes in drive to drive
technology products, including RAID 1 disk mirroring hardware, drive
copiers, drive backup hardware and software and OEM solutions.
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