4D for OCI Released – Additional Native Support for ORACLE Standard

San Jose, CA, August 23, 2001 – 4D, Inc. announced the immediate availabilit=
and shipment of 4D for OCI, a new 4D plug-in allowing 4D to communicate with
ORACLE=81 Servers using the comprehensive Oracle Call Interface=81 or OCI. U=
4D for OCI, 4D applications can access both an ORACLE database’s structure
and data.

4D for OCI offers 4D developers the opportunity to apply the GUI-rich,
multi-tasking 4D environment to the enterprised ORACLE server. This exact
combination of technologies affords a unique and distinctive advantage for 4=
developers who want to grow and integrate their applications with the
enterprise. “We’re delighted about 4D for OCI and the unique advantage it
gives 4D developers implementing 4D enterprise solutions, ” said Brendan
Coveney, President and CEO of 4D, Inc. “We’ve been delivering 4D and ORACLE
connectivity for over a decade, and 4D for OCI equips 4D developers with a
powerful new tool for delivering open solutions in the enterprise.”

By allowing a completely native access to ORACLE servers, 4D for OCI provide=
a development model where 4D and 4D Server can act as technically-savvy
ORACLE clients. With client access to ORACLE servers, 4D applications can
then choose to localize, distribute, or synchronize data between 4D and
ORACLE servers. Dave Terry, Project Manager for Pacific Data Management Inc.=
a high-level consultancy specializing in client/server solutions using 4D an=
Oracle added, “4D for OCI uses native calls to the ORACLE API and gives
connectivity developers working with 4D and Oracle a technical advantage whe=
developing solutions for enterprise customers.” With the use of 4D processes=
4D applications can even connect simultaneously to multiple ORACLE servers.
Application elegance is further enhanced through the graphically-rich,
flexible forms tools found in 4D, that turn raw ORACLE data into cohesive an=
intuitive information for users.

4D for OCI is currently available for Windows users. Following ORACLE’s
public announcement of OCI 8’s future ability to run on Mac OS X, 4D, Inc.
also committed to the development of a Mac OS X version of 4D for OCI. As
always, 4D developers will benefit from flexible, cross-platform development

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