Alpharetta, GA–August 1, 2006–Apago Inc., a software developer for
the graphic arts and document management industries, today released
PDF Appraiser, the first application of its kind to support both
validation and automatic correction of documents in accordance with
PDF/A, the new international standard for long-term archiving of
digital documents. PDF/A is the much-anticipated standard for
long-term archiving of digital documents, and it is expected to
become the preferred archival method for governments and industry
segments, including corporations, legal, libraries, regulated
industries, and others. Apago is leading the way for the rapid
adoption of the new standard by offering PDF/A validation
capabilities at no cost.

“Widespread adoption of new standards is impossible until there are
reliable, low-cost, easy-to-use tools. We are pleased to release PDF
Appraiser, the first application for PDF/A verification and
correction, which will simplify the process of long-term archiving of
documents across many industries,” states Dwight Kelly, president of
Apago Inc. “The free version of PDF Appraiser enables users to check
documents for PDF/A compliance, while the full version adds the
ability to automatically correct problems and to access more
technically detailed reports. As with all Apago’s products, we
designed PDF Appraiser so that users don’t have to be PDF experts to
create PDF/A-compliant files.”

Documents are the cornerstone of many businesses; and today, digital
documents are rapidly replacing paper ones. PDF/A, approved by ISO
(International Organization for Standardization), is a standard that
specifies requirements for archiving and preserving digital documents
in the Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF/A addresses the growing
need to electronically archive documents in a way that will ensure
both the preservation of their contents over an extended period of
time and that those documents can be retrieved and rendered with
consistent and predictable results in the future.

PDF Appraiser’s elegant user interface makes it easy for beginner,
intermediate, and advanced users to verify, interpret, and correct
problems. If a file fails verification, PDF Appraiser generates a
report outlining what problems must be corrected. With Auto-Fixer, an
automatic repair feature, the application can quickly fix most
problems in order to obtain a document that is compliant with PDF/A.
If the file cannot be automatically repaired, PDF Appraiser lists the
problems with its customizable reports, allowing the user to fix and
recheck the file for PDF/A compliance.

Apago’s Chief Innovation Officer, Leonard Rosenthol, has participated
in the development of PDF/A since the initial exploratory meetings
about the standard. “Other PDF/A validation tools perform incomplete
validation or only implement a draft of the PDF/A specification, but
PDF Appraiser ensures that a document is fully compliant with the
published PDF/A standard. Appraiser utilities a revolutionary new
method for analyzing PDF files at the deepest levels and for creating
customizable reports that are easy to understand by our users,” says

The full version of PDF Appraiser for Windows is shipping now. The
free version is limited to PDF/A verification and simple reporting.
For access to the full features of the application, users can
purchase a license for $349. A Server version for Windows is
available for $999. Server and API versions will also be available in
Q3 2006 for Mac OS X, Solaris, and Linux. For more information, visit or call Apago at 770-619-1884.

About Apago Inc.

Founded in 1991, Apago Inc. ( is a privately
held corporation that develops and markets software for the graphic
arts and document management industries. The company licenses its
technologies to industry leaders, including Agfa, Dupont, Enovation
(Fuji), OneVision, Pindar, and Dainippon Screen, and counts Time
Inc., Scene7, MOD-PAC Corp., The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, New
York Times, and The New Yorker among its retail customers. Apago is
headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, just north of Atlanta.