NHANDZ today announced the release of AudioID for Skype, the latest NHANDZ product developed for the popular VOIP service, Skype. The company’s suite of Skype products for both PC and Mac platforms enable remote control of Skype in other, more relaxed areas of the home — away from the desktop. As such, they are designed to avoid the necessity of using a mouse (and flat surface) nor view of a monitor screen that is typically required for use of Skype. AudioID for Skype is a freeware program that announces incoming Skype calls so that PC or Dual Boot users do not even have to be in the same room as their computers (or in view of their monitor screen) to find out who is calling. AudioID for Skype (for Windows XP) is available for free download from the NHANDZ Web site at
. Instructions on how to configure the Mac to announce Skype or iChat can be found at www.speakables.com or www.speakableitems.com.