TypeIt4Me, “The Original Text Expander” for Mac OS, now in its 17th year
since it was first released in 1989, goes 3.0 – free download trial now

LONDON, England — July 23, 2006 — Anytime anyone enters text in their Mac
by typing it at the keyboard, TypeIt4Me can help them do it faster and more
accurately. TypeIt4Me’s intuitive user interface makes it very easy to set
up any number of abbreviations and the full text (or picture) “clippings”
that they represent, allowing users later to watch their Mac expand them on
the fly as they type the abbreviation, without interrupting their flow of

Doctors, lawyers, authors, screenwriters, journalists, students and
teachers, tech support personnel replying to users’ emails, medical
transcriptionists and many more types of professionals can instantly
enhance their productivity on a daily basis with TypeIt4Me.

TypeIt4Me is easy to install, quick to learn, and can handle thousands of
abbreviation/clipping pairs, whether in one single or in separate clipping

Announced and previewed at Macworld SF last January, TypeIt4Me Version 3.0
is now available for download as a 30-day-trial demo from:

Single user licence: US$27, upgrades from previous versions: US$9 (free if
previous version purchased after 1 July 2005).

Key 3.0 features compared to previous version: * It’s a Universal Binary,
so it also works on Intel Macs. * It sports an entirely new User Interface
written in Cocoa. * It adds many new features compared to 2.3, including:

1. Clippings can now contain styled (“rich”) text and/or pictures;

2. Expansion can now occur WITHOUT requiring a delimiter/trigger;

3. Any single abbreviation can now be associated to expand only within a
specific application (this is in addition to the 2.3 feature of associating
entire abbreviation files to specific applications);

4. You can now embed or nest clippings within clippings;

5. View/Print Clippings allows you to print a nicely formatted list of all
your clippings:;

6. Open File… can now import “snippets” from TextExpander files and
“abbreviations” from Typinator files, allowing you to upgrade to TypeIt4Me
without having to re-enter your abbreviations;

registered users can request a VBA script allowing them to convert their
MSWord Autocorrect entries to TypeIt4Me format;

7. Improved Add a Clipping with a resizeable window that handles RTF, RTFD
and various picture formats from the Clipboard;

8. You can define your own hot keys for Add a Clipping, Edit Clippings and

9. You can specify where the cursor should be placed in the expanded text;

10. You can have the contents of the Clipboard inserted as part of the
expanded text;

11. You are no longer limited to 2,700 abbreviation/clippings per file.

System Requirements:
Any Mac (Intel or PowerPC) running 10.3 or higher. 10.4 Tiger highly
recommended for best performance.

While the User Guide is in English only, the user interface is fully
localised in French, German and Italian.

See how TypeIt4Me compares to similar programs:

Riccardo Ettore (http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~r-ettore/rik.html), based
in London, England has been writing Mac software since 1985 and first
released TypeIt4Me in 1989. His Mac software has won good reviews and
awards over the last 21 years. Other software by Riccardo includes BigBen,
IBeep2, SndControl, Sounds4Fun and Sound Mover.