Aware IM 2.0 allows solution-focussed developers and experienced computer
users to create comprehensive Web database applications without programming.

Sydney, Australia, July 17, 2006 — Awaresoft Pty Ltd today announced the
release of Aware IM 2.0 – a new, more powerful version of its popular
easy-to-use web database management software. This release marks a major
milestone for the product – the first anniversary of the first official
release of Aware IM to the market.

The new version offers internationalization support, a much more flexible
user interface and more than 40 other new features and improvements.
Supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, fully web-enabled and able to work
with several popular SQL database engines, Aware IM 2.0 is a robust and
mature software product.

“This past year has been very eventful for us. We were greatly encouraged
by the amount of interest Aware IM has generated. The response from the
user community has been fantastic! I guess the key is that Aware IM has
proved to be as powerful and flexible as professional development tools,
but at the same time as easy to use as desktop productivity software. Many
people liked the freedom to design their applications on Mac and then run
on Windows, or design on Windows and run on a Linux server or use an
Internet hosting provider”, says Vladimir Simkine, Technical Director at

Aware IM greatly simplifies all three major areas of application
development – database management, user interface and business logic. Aware
IM hides all the complexity of managing a database by automatically
creating and altering database tables, managing links between related data
and creating SQL queries. Aware IM automatically generates HTML-based Web
user interface with menus, forms and search result tables. In Aware IM
business logic is specified as business rules, rather than scripts. The
built-in rule engine automatically executes business rules when necessary.
Standard functionality includes automatically generated personalized
documents, processing of outgoing and incoming e-mails, flexible access
control and full Web support.

Initially released in July 2005, Aware IM is now used by many business
professionals, IT administrators and application developers. Aware IM
applications have been deployed in small businesses, large corporations,
educational institutions and non-commercial organizations.

Free trial version of Aware IM 2.0 can be downloaded at

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