– Public voting in June expresses people’s choice
– The Mac technical community’s most influential people

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., July 12, 2006 — MacTech Magazine today announced
the MacTech 25: The Mac technical community’s most influential people.
With open public voting that started in early June, the MacTech 25 allowed
the community to recognize those who are the most influential — through
their work, writing, or any other effort they may make.

The MacTech 25 is designed to recognize the technical contributions of
developers, writers, bloggers, problem-solvers and personalities to the
Macintosh technical community. The MacTech 25 is no popularity contest, nor
is it to “pick your favorite CEO.” We looked for the most influential in
the Mac TECHNICAL market.

MacTech, and the community, would like to recognize the below individuals.
A full write up by MacTech contributor and Editor-at-Large Dean Shavit
including pictures, categories, and more will be published in the August
issue of MacTech, just in time for this year’s WWDC.

The rules of the voting were that anyone could vote. MacTech staff and
columnists were ineligible, and recipients could not currently be employed
at Apple.

MacTech 25 List:

Aaron Hillegass
Adam & Tonya Engst
Amit Singh
Andrina Kelly
Andy Ihnatko
Ben Wilson
Brent Simmons
Dan Frakes
Danny Goodman
David Pogue
John Gruber
John Siracusa
Jonathan “Wolf” Rentzsch
Josh Wisenbaker
Michael Bartosh
Mike Breeden
Nigel Kersten
Ray Barber
Ric Ford
Rich Siegel
Rob Griffiths
Rosyna Keller
Scott Knaster
Wil Shipley

Honorable Mention:

Dave Mark
Joel Rennich
John Welch
Mike Bombich
Schoun Regan
Tim Monroe

“We want to congratulate this year’s list of the MacTech 25, and thank them
for their contributions to the industry,” said Neil Ticktin,
Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of MacTech Magazine. “This is a great
community, with lots of contributors, and this list represents some of the
best and the brightest around.”

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