Mercedes-Benz customizer Brabus has revised their “iCar,” adding some iPad 2s to the iBusiness 2.0 (, reports “Autoevolution” (

Brabus is the first company to develop an advanced car multimedia system based on the the second gen Apple tablet, the article add. The iPad 2 has been integrated in the rear compartment of the Brabus 800, a version of the V12-powered S-Klasse, which offers 800 horsepower. The iPad 2 has been linked to the car’s on-board entertainment system and allows the rear passengers to access all function of the S-Klasse in the rear of the car.

Thanks to its good built-in cameras, the iPad could also provide an excellent platform for video conferences, says “Autoevolution.” What’s more, Brabus technicians have created a custom table to which the tablet computers can be connected.

Mac mini Mini Mac located in the car’s trunk that serves as the central computer. The car also gets a 15.2-inch TFT display, which is mounted on the ceiling between the front seats, as well as with two screens mounted in the back of the front seats. Also installed is a 64GB iPod touch that can store more than 14,000 songs.