BetterZip gives you more control over your archives on Mac OS X

MacItBetter has released BetterZip 1.2, the latest version of its sleek
archiving tool. BetterZip lets users quickly inspect archives without first
extracting their contents. Users can add or extract files via drag-and-drop
or delete files from archives. It also has a function to facilitate making
archives compatible with Windows and Linux systems. The new version brings
increased speed when opening and extracting archives and support for CPIO-,
RAR-, and 7-Zip archives. This allows splitting archives into multiple
volumes and using strong password encryption. ZIP files can also be
password encrypted now. To let users inspect the raw output of various
external helper programs a transcript drawer has been added.

BetterZip currently handles archives with these formats: zip, tar, gzip,
bzip2, cpio, rar, 7-zip. It can open Java jar, war, and ear files and
various compressed tar formats. More archive formats will be added in the
near future.

With the click of a button BetterZip can strip Mac specific files and
folders, e.g., resource forks or Finder settings, from zip files and tar
balls for best compatibility with Windows or Linux systems.

BetterZip is a universal binary and requires Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or
later. The trial version can be downloaded from and
is fully functional for 30 days. A single user license can be purchased for
$19.95, family and business licenses are available.

ABOUT MacItBetter

MacItBetter is Robert Rezabek who develops indie software for Macintosh