Happy Apps releases WebnoteHappy 1.1, now with private saving to
del.icio.us and secure communication over SSL

Happy Apps has released WebnoteHappy 1.1, an update to its bookmark manager
with integrated note taking and tagging for Mac OS X. WebnoteHappy 1.1
communicates with del.icio.us securely over SSL and allows users to save
bookmarks privately to del.icio.us. It also adds importing existing
bookmarks from Firefox and OmniWeb, easy copying of links for sharing via
email and various other improvements.

WebnoteHappy is a bookmark manager that helps you organize and remember the
web pages that matter to you. Each web page can be personalized with notes
and tags as you bookmark it, creating a “webnote”. The fast integrated
search makes it easy to find your webnotes again. Organize your webnotes
with folders and smart folders.

You can have a native Mac interface to your del.icio.us bookmarks after
importing them into WebnoteHappy. Navigate your tags with the integrated
tag browser. Changes to shared webnotes are automatically reflected on

WebnoteHappy is browser-independent, so you can create webnotes from within
any browser on Mac OS X via the global hot key or bookmarklet. Tag and add
notes to your existing bookmarks by importing them from Safari, Firefox, or
OmniWeb. WebnoteHappy also interoperates with NetNewsWire, letting you tag
and add notes to items in RSS feeds.

WebnoteHappy 1.1 requires a Mac with Mac OS X 10.4 and higher and is
available as a Universal Binary. It is a free upgrade for existing
customers. New licenses can be purchased for $24.95. A 30 day trial of
WebnoteHappy 1.1 can be downloaded from