MacSpeech Releases iListen 1.7

Salem, NH, 2006-06-18: Macintosh speech recognition authority MacSpeech
announced today that it has released the latest version of its top-selling
program, iListen. Version 1.7 is the 7th major release of iListen, and
further enhances the Mac’s premiere speech recognition application with a
host of new features and bug fixes.

iListen 1.7 is now Universal Binary, and will run natively on Intel or
PowerPC Macintosh computers. It also boasts faster training and enhanced
accuracy. Users can now be up and running in as little as five minutes!
iListen 1.7 also has improved voice commands and will now support multiple
user accounts in Mac OS X. There are also several bug fixes and several
other minor enhancements and cosmetic improvements.

“An iListen update is long overdue, but we think this one was worth waiting
for,” said MacSpeech Chief Evangelist Chuck Rogers. “The faster training
and enhanced accuracy alone make this the best speech recognition program
that has ever been made available for the Mac!”

iListen 1.7 still sells for only $99 for a software-only version or as
little as $149 for a version that includes a noise-canceling microphone.
Registered users of iListen 1.6 or later can upgrade for only $39.95.
(Anyone who purchased after April 1, 2006 will receive a free upgrade.)

Registered users of a version prior to 1.6 can also upgrade and should
contact MacSpeech for upgrade information.

MacSpeech is a Mac-only company that produces the finest speech products
for Macintosh. It’s flagship product, iListen, is available in Apple Retail
stores, participating Apple Specialists, and finer retailers throughout
North America and the UK. iListen is also available in versions for
Australian/New Zealand English, German, Italian, and Spanish.

News about MacSpeech can be found at